SINTAXE & PortoJug
SINTAXE is an active supporter and sponsor of PortoJug. This is a brand new Jug, that aims to increase Java community in the north of Portugal. They give regular talks of Java related themes. Check more at
Mercari® as a Service
The good critics that we have received regarding Mercari®, made us decide to make it accessible to a wider audience by making it available as a Service. This will be done during this month. Be ready...
SINTAXE provides valuable consulting services, custom-made software, a Suite of Health Business Related Products and a very complete CRM - Sales Funnel System. Fell free to contact us at any time, about anything.
  Rua Rei Ramiro 1358 SL/G
  4400-282 VILA NOVA DE GAIA
  +351 223 700 405
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